Why Are Thermoform Trays So Popular In the Manufacturing Industry

Thermoform trays are those made of plastic through the thermoforming process. In this process, the plastic is heated to make it flexible, which is then shaped into a particular form and then trimmed to create a finished product.

Thin-gauge thermoforming is specifically employed in producing various packaging items such as plastic clamshell trays, blisters, and lidding film, collectively referred to as thermoform packaging.

Thermoforming provides the flexibility to craft distinctive and polished packaging designs. These trays can be found in a variety of colors and transparent options. Materials used to create these trays are PVC, RPET, and PETG.

Reasons For Its Popularity In The Manufacturing Industry

Thermoform trays are considered safe for shipping purposes and can be used to transport delicate items.

Since these thermoform trays are easier to produce and provide incredible protection, many manufacturing companies prefer this type of packaging for their products. Let’s look at some more reasons why these are preferred so much.

The packaging fits perfectly

Thermoformed trays offer remarkable versatility, allowing industries to customize sizes and pocket shapes to cradle any components securely. These trays come in extensive shapes, such as rectangles, squares, and rounds. These can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Also, some trays can be designed in such a way that the product can be inserted into the tray, fixing it in a single place. This avoids any unnecessary movement and keeps the product safe.

These are highly flexible and versatile, allowing manufacturers to create packaging designs that improve brand recognition and product visibility.

Customization additionally offers the opportunity to include crucial consumer information, such as instructions or ingredients, optimizing the packaging for branding and informative purposes.

Color Choice

Thermoformed trays do not fall short of color options. You can opt for a transparent tray if you want your product to be clearly visible. Since the packaging is transparent, it allows the end users to see through and verify the quality of the product easily.

On the other hand, if you want to add some color to your packaging, these trays are also available in different colors. Having a color option in packaging presents an easy way for branding opportunities as it allows you to align your trays with your brand’s aesthetic.

Enhanced Protection

When any item comes in a box or a bag, there are high chance that the product might get damaged. However, with thermoform trays, this is not the case. Since these are made of rigid plastics, they offer an exceptional level of protection during the shipping process.

Thermoform trays stand out for their durability, resilience, and tamper-resistant qualities. It serves as a strong shield for products during transportation and offers various sealing options. These trays can improve the product’s shelf life and provide easy access to products depending on specific packaging requirements.

These trays cannot be easily tampered with, so there is certainty of getting the products safely to their destination.

Environment Friendly

In the race for sustainable packaging solutions, every industry is exploring options that balance environmental considerations with adequate protection for components and the integrity of products during transportation.

Thermoform trays emerge as a viable choice in this regard, offering the dual advantage of safeguarding items while supporting sustainability goals. These trays can be manufactured using fully recyclable materials, contributing to eco-friendly practices in both production and material use.

Environment friendly

Many facilities prioritize sustainability through practices like recycling. There’s also a range of environmentally conscious plastic materials available for selecting packaging solutions that align with your sustainability objectives.


Finally, the main benefit of thermoform trays is that they are incredibly budget-friendly. Thermoforming is regarded as a financially efficient choice, primarily attributed to the cost-effectiveness of materials.

Products crafted through thermoforming using plastic materials can be up to 10% more economical. Additionally, the thermoforming process boasts a swift turnaround time, which means there are reduced labor costs.

To Sum It Up

Thermoform trays have become a popular choice in the manufacturing industry for several reasons. The overall attributes, such as the combination of flexibility, protection, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, position thermoform trays as a favored solution for diverse manufacturing applications.