SASSA Status Check: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Checking SRD SASSA Status Online

A social relief fund is a scheme initiated for poor people who need financial support during a crisis. Many countries offer social relief fund schemes under different names to uplift the lives of families that don’t have insufficient income. They work with several non-profit organizations, charity firms, or agencies while providing social relief funds. The South African Social Security Agency, shortly known as SASSA, offers social grants to eligible citizens in South Africa. The primary objective of the agency is to provide financial assistance for those who suffer from poverty.

What is SASSA’s SRD R350 grant?

The Social Relief Distress (SRD) R350 grant was introduced by SASSA during the COVID-19 pandemic. It aims at tailoring to the financial needs of individuals when they fail to meet their basic amenities. SASSA is responsible for determining eligibility, processing applications, and disbursing payments. The SRD R350 grant provided by the SASSA promotes social welfare and economic development in South Africa. Unemployed individuals and poor families who applied for the grant will receive temporary financial assistance of R350 per month when they don’t receive any funds, such as the UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund).

How do I apply for SASSA’s SRD R350 grant?

Those who want to apply for SASSA’s SRD R35 grant should follow the below steps.

1. The first step is that one should visit the official SASSA website and complete the registration process.

2. A person should select the SRD R350 option, which is available on the “Grants Menu.”

3. In the third step, one should scroll down to the “Apply Now” button.

4. The fourth step involves providing details such as name, last name, phone number, and ID number.

5. One should set up a username and password for the account.

6. The final step is clicking the “Register” button to complete the process.

How do I track the status of SASSA’s SRD R350 grant application online?

To check the status of SASSA’s SRD R350 grant application online, one should follow the below steps.

How do i track the status of sassa’s srd r350 grant application online

Step 1

The first step is that an applicant should visit on SASSA’s official website.

Step 2

An applicant should enter his or her South African ID number along with the phone number provided on the application.

Step 3

In the third step, one should click the “submit” button to check the status.

Step 4

An applicant can know the status of his or her application in the fourth step.

If an application has been approved, then he or she can expect to receive a monthly payment of R350. Applicants should keep in mind that SASSA receives a high volume of applications, and the processing time is lengthy. It will take several weeks or months to process an application. SASSA has the right to reject an application after evaluating the details. Apart from this, SASSA may require additional information or documentation while processing the applications of individuals online.

How do I contact SASSA’s customer service support to know the application status?

Applicants can check their applicant status through SASSA customer service support, and they have to follow the below steps.

1. An applicant should call the toll-free number, 0800-60-1011, by providing their mobile number and IDD number.

2. One can get assistance from a customer support representative or send an email to the IDs mentioned on the customer support page.

3. A person can visit the nearest SASSA office after knowing the details online to know the application status.

Is it possible to check SASSA’s SRD R350 status on WhatsApp?

Applicants can check SASSA’s SRD R350 status on WhatsApp by following the below steps.

1. They should save the WhatsApp number 0820468553 on phone contacts first.

2. In the second step, an applicant can communicate directly with official agents.

3. An applicant can start the conversation with the message “SASSA.”

4. A range of options is available for applicants, and they should choose the option “status.”

5. One should wait for 2 to 5 minutes to know the status of the SASSA application.

What are the requirements to get SASSA’s SRD R350 grant?

Before applying for SASSA’s SRD R350 grant, one should know the requirements in detail that help receive funds without any hassles.

Here are some things to consider when submitting SASSA’s SRD R350 application.

1. Refugees, asylum seekers, and South African citizens are eligible to apply.

2. The applicants should be aged between 18 and 60.

3. Individuals must be unemployed and earn a monthly income of less than R624.

4. They shouldn’t receive financial support through UIF, stipends, and other sources.

What are the reasons that SASSA may reject the SRD R350 grant application?

SASSA rejects the SRD R350 grant application, and applicants should know the reasons in detail.

Here are some reasons why SASSA may reject an application:

1. When the personal details submitted by applicants don’t match with the applicants

2. If an applicant is a beneficiary of the National Student Fund Aid Scheme (NSFAS),

3. An applicant who receives funds under the deceased category after registering with the Department of Home Affairs

4. If a person is a government employee,

5. A recipient of other social grants

6. Anyone who made tax contributions

What should I do when an application is rejected by SASSA?

If an applicant has been rejected by SASSA for SRD R350, then he or she can lodge an appeal when they meet all the requirements. They have to visit the SASSA’s official website and find the “Application for Reconsideration” tab. It is wise for them to read the terms and conditions before applying. Besides, they should follow other guidelines to know the reason for rejection and other things.

Applicants should keep in mind that they can appeal within 30 days after the rejection process. On the other hand, it is necessary to check the updates on the website when it comes to appeals.


SASSA’s SRD R350 grant allows unemployed individuals and poor families to receive monthly funds. At the same time, an applicant should understand the grant properly to get money without any hassles. Also, he or she should know how to apply for the grant and check the status properly to know whether it is approved or not.

Originally posted 2023-11-24 12:26:30.