New Years, A Time For Healthy Bank Accounts For Your Medical Practice

With the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve approaching, it’s a time for people to relax with their closest friends and family. Work slows down as people get together to feast, curl up on the couch, watch seasonal movies, and take part in their family traditions, whatever they are.

Doctors work hard throughout the year, but even they take some time near the year’s end to wind down. That doesn’t mean they can neglect their practice’s financial health. Let’s check out a few reasons why more US doctors are turning to professional debt collectors.

Better Results Sooner

Doctors go to school for years, but nothing in their training helps them recover debts, no matter their specialty. They have utility bills, salaries, and special equipment to pay for, and they can’t be without the money they’re owed. However, doctors want to focus on helping their patients rather than doing administrative paperwork or hounding clients for money.

The leading medical debt collectors are trained negotiators who know which buttons to press when it comes to securing money owed. If there was some kind of controlled race to see who would collect more, doctors or the professional debt collectors they hire, the results would surely remove all doubt.

Professional debt collectors make timely reports to the major credit bureaus and fully comply with all laws and regulations in your locale. If doctors want more money they’re owed now, they need professional debt collectors.

100% HIPAA-compliant

Hipaa compliant new year’s

Doctors have a right to get paid what’s owed, but patients also have privacy rights enshrined in the law. The leading medical debt collectors are fully HIPAA compliant, so doctors can feel confident there won’t be any harmful privacy breaches that could lead to a lawsuit.

Still, professional debt collectors manage to give doctors full transparency about the status of the debt collection via a user-friendly digital portal they can see 24/7. Doctors can view payment activity, place new accounts for collection, download reports, and more.

Most pro-debt collectors aim to complete the collection within 90 days, but this may vary.

Dignity and Respect for All

Nobody asks to get sick. Patients who owe money for treatments are in a difficult position. Sometimes, debt collection is associated with aggressive, underhanded tactics like robocalls, threats, or insulting language.

The best medical debt collectors never use such an approach, leading with kindness, respect, and dignity instead. Such a tactful, diplomatic approach has two advantages. First, it prevents patients from feeling alienated by your office, so they return for treatments afterward.

Secondly, it leads to collecting more money in less time, as the best professional medical collectors nearly double the industry average while treating everybody kindly.

As the holidays and New Year’s Eve arrive, the time for relaxation and joy as people toast to prosperity and good health is nearly upon us. If doctors want to sit back and slow down without sweating over the money they’re owed, they should hire a professional debt collector.

Originally posted 2023-12-07 10:37:43.