Looking for the Best 1 Ton AC in India? We Can Help You!

A 1-ton AC is a great choice for any room that is relatively smaller in size and looks very compact and elegant. Apart from the looks, there are more things that must be kept in mind while looking for the best 1-ton AC in India, like the star rating, the blower speed and size, the installation and maintenance, and so on.

But another big decision that needs to be made is whether to invest in a window AC or a split AC. If you are new to this choice, a window AC might seem a good option; inexpensive, easy to install, and fits in any hollow cavity in the wall. But if you have experience with air conditioners, you must be aware that window air conditioners are incredibly noisy, bulky, and ugly, to be exact.

Reasons to Choose a Split Air Conditioner

There are unlimited reasons to choose a split AC over a window AC, and some of the reasons are:

⦁ Easy Installation

Unlike heavy and bulky window air conditioners, split air conditioners are easy to install and take very little time in comparison. Only a few inches diameter of the round opening is needed in a wall for the indoor and outdoor unit to connect, unlike a window AC that needs a big hollow space to fit in.

⦁ Noise Free

Noise Free India

Split ACs work silently and make equal to no noise as compared to noisy window ACs. Apart from that, they also come equipped with a silent mode to cancel out even the tiniest bit of noise that airflow can make. But the new age technology has already made split ACs completely noise-free already.

⦁ Safe and Secure

A small hole of about 2-3 inches in the wall will not make way for any intruders and robbers, making your home a safe space. At the same time, a window AC that makes about 2-3 feet big hollow space in the wall can compromise security. Provided that it can be easily placed and removed from the original hollow space in the wall, it becomes a very unsafe option.

⦁ Visually Pleasing

A split AC looks visually much more pleasing than a window AC. You get the flexibility to install it anywhere in the building, be it the ceiling or wall; it does not look like a piece of heavy machinery hanging halfway out of the wall like a window AC does.

FAQ: Which type of AC is suitable for a Large Hallway or room?

If you have a bigger area to cover, you can opt for a split AC 1.5 ton. It is very efficient and effective in cooling a larger space in a faster time. A 1 ton AC would, however, take more time and consume larger units of electricity.

In Conclusion!

No matter which split AC you choose, always go for a reliable brand that gives good after-sales service. Another thing to keep in mind is going for a higher star rating AC so that you save as much as possible on your monthly electricity bills.

Originally posted 2023-11-09 03:52:22.