Important Steps to Take When Appealing a Denied State Farm Accident Claim

If you are injured in an accident, you need to deal with the insurance company. If the at-fault driver has State Farm Insurance, then you may experience a lot of challenges in getting fair compensation for your injuries and damages. State Farm is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. They underpay or deny many valid claims. Keep in mind that you have the right to appeal the denied claim. Appealing a denied claim is not a simple task. This is why it is necessary to get help filing a State Farm injury claim. If you decide to appeal a denied accident claim with State Farm, then you should read this blog post.

Here, we are going to discuss the steps you should take while appealing a denied State Farm accident claim.

Table of Contents

  • Review the Denial Letter
  • Gather Relevant Evidence
  • Get in Touch with State Farm
  • Get Legal Assistance

Review the Denial Letter

First of all, you should read the denial letter completely. This will help you learn about the real intentions of State Farm. State Farm usually gives the following reasons when denying an accident claim:

  • Your version of the accident contradicts the police report
  • You are partially at fault for the accident. Comparative negligence rules will be used in such cases
  • You had pre-existing injuries
  • The police report is incorrect, and the reporting officer should change it
  • Your injuries occurred after an accident, for instance, a slip and fall
  • You are exaggerating or faking your injuries

Keep in mind that you should file an appeal within the time limit mentioned in the statute of limitations.

Review the denial letter

Gather Relevant Evidence

You should collect additional evidence supporting your accident claim. This evidence can help you win your case. The following evidence is important to prove your claim:

  • Medical receipts, bills, and records
  • Photos and videos of the accident scene
  • Witness statements and police reports
  • Expert testimonies from accident reconstructionists, doctors, or economists

Get in touch with State Farm

Once you have collected sufficient evidence, it is important to get in touch with State Farm. This allows you to renegotiate the compensation.

Moreover, it is necessary to get ready to answer any questions that State Farm may ask. This could help you avoid unreasonable demands or lowball offers. Make sure you have a lawyer with you when you’re meeting an insurance adjuster from State Farm. Without a lawyer, you will find it difficult to answer the insurance adjuster’s questions and prove your case.

Also, you should never sign any document without informing your attorney.

Get Legal Assistance

Ifyou feel that State Farm is acting in bad faith, it is important to get legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney.

An experienced personal injury attorney can guide you in pursuing a formal appeal again with State Farm. They will deal with any pressure or unfair tactics that State Farm may use to discourage you from filing your claim.

An experienced attorney will assist you in getting reasonable compensation for your injuries and damages.

Final Thoughts

We hope our article has helped you understand the crucial steps to take while appealing a denied accident claim with State Farm. Following the above-mentioned steps will help you receive reasonable compensation.

Remember that appealing a denied accident claim require slots of legal knowledge and complications. It is always better to get assistance from a personal injury attorney. They have the resources and experience to deal with any kind of State Farm accident claim. They will be by your side from the time you file an appeal until you receive fair compensation.

Originally posted 2023-11-29 03:47:30.