10 Best Indie Games On Android

You can treat the indie sector differently, but it’s hard to deny that sometimes there are real masterpieces there. All this is because small studios are not afraid to take risks and experiment, and with simple graphics, they try to compensate for the original idea and cool gameplay. This applies not only to PCs but also to Android. In this text, I list the 10 best Indie Games for Android.

1. DeadCells

Replayability—this is the word that Motion Twin Studio associates with this game. In Rogue, like with action elements and Metroidvania, you need to clear locations from enemies, upgrade, look for new equipment, and fight bosses. If the hero is unlucky and dies, then you have to start all over again.

And since all levels, artifacts, and weapons are generated randomly, each new run is radically different from the previous one. If you don’t like this form and find it hard to cope with your character’s death, this game is probably not for you. Perhaps you are more suitable for the best sports slots with an atmosphere of excitement and games without unnecessary empathy.

2. World of Goo

Don’t let the outward simplicity of the World of Goo fool you. It’s a gorgeous puzzle about cute little goo balls, from which you need to assemble various constructions. The main thing is: do not think too shabbily and show imagination. The game is a fascinating puzzle based on the physics of sticky balls, with a cool soundtrack and a variety of levels. And if performing tasks is tiring, you can switch to creative mode and start building structures.

3. Alto’s Odyssey 

Alto’s Odyssey is an atmospheric adventure runner with platformer elements. The main character, named Alto, with the help of his favorite board, must visit a variety of locations. Among them are hot deserts, frozen mountains, high canyons, and abandoned cities. In parallel, you can pass tests, search for collectibles, and unlock some NPCs. And if you just want to relax, just enjoy the endless road through unexplored expanses with quiet music.

Alto's Odyssey Indie Games

4. Super Hexagon

Behind the minimalistic picture and unpretentious gameplay, there is a hardcore puzzle game. As a small triangle, you need to quickly overcome obstacles, move around the hexagon, and avoid collisions with impending walls. There is a place for elements of a rhythm game because the figures around the character move to the beat of a dynamic melody. Thanks to this, each new race becomes a memorable test of personal skill.

5. Papers, Please 

Game designer Lucas Pope has managed to turn a routine document check into an exciting and tense action. In his Papers, Please, the player turns into a border control officer of the migration service. Carefulness is very important here, as every scribble can be fatal. Some try to push pity, others act brazenly, and others are not even surprised by the refusal.

And you never know which one of them will turn out to be a terrorist and which one will be an honest man. However, you won’t be able to stare at one piece of paper for a long time because your salary depends on the speed of your work. If, after reading this, you are interested in prominent names, except LucasPope, also check out Vitaliy Klymenko, Editor In Chief at Slot Amia, who has contributed a lot to gaming awareness with his detailed blogs.

6. Fractal Space

Fractal Space is another indie puzzle game but with a first-person view. The protagonist explores a mysterious space station and solves its mystery. To do this, you will have to solve different puzzles and not get into deadly traps in the form of lasers, saws, and crushers. In the study of local locations, there are very helpful jetpacks and electric pistols. Thanks to these devices, you can freely move through the open space and interact with important objects at a distance. To get to the right point, you will often have to show miracles of character control.

7. Mekorama

This game includes more than fifty different puzzles, which are tied to the manipulation of three-dimensional space. You will have to control a nameless robot. He will have to climb the surface, hide from enemies, and look for a way out of the level, which is presented in the form of multi-level towers. The game drags on for a long time thanks to simple gameplay, pleasant animations, and relaxing music. The complexity is selected in such a way that the process of solving riddles is more relaxing than tense.

8. Ordia

The bright and entertaining platformer Ordia allows you to try yourself in the role of a single-cell inhabitant of the ocean. As a new life, you need to survive in a strange and dangerous world, overcome various obstacles and traps, get food, and avoid collisions with more advanced creatures. Developers have prepared 30 elaborate levels, a mode of increased complexity, achievements, and bonus missions. Pleasant music, colorful graphics, and comfortable controls complement everything.

9. Bright Memory

By the standards of Android games, BrightMemory Shooter looks like a full-fledged AAA blockbuster. There are gorgeous pictures, dynamic battles with elements of close combat, deadly monsters, and some plots. The main character has to fight with a criminal group to prevent the villains from getting their hands on a powerful artifact. It turned out to be an invigorating and spectacular adventure, which was pleasant to spend a few evenings on.

10. Bot World Adventure

Bot World Adventure is an adventure game with a well-designed world. While exploring, the protagonist will search for treasure, meet locals, and engage in battles with an emphasis on strategy and planning.

There are four characters to choose from, and the gameplay for each of them feels different. The authors have also implemented a guild system that allows you not to lose friends.